CampMedicaGroup of companies manufactures, assembles and packages all of its "SeeNow" & "Trust Me" rapid diagnostics tests, at its facilities in ROMANIA !


 See Now rapid tests  

  All CampMedicaGroup products (rapid tests for in vitro diagnostic) are readily available with CampMedica label .
 "See Now" & "Trust Me"  are the brands name of our rapid tests and it is a trade mark at OSIM - Romania.
  We can also manufacture with our customers label or brand (ODM), if the the volumes are warranted.
All costs for the printing of ODM packaging must be prepaid when placing the order. 
   Following our current OEM strategy, we are willing to utilize multiple distribution partners in certain countries, based on the potential business opportunity for  both your organizations and ours.


  OEM / ODM products

We give our partners the opportunity to choose the format of our medical devices ! 
For our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer -private label customers) products, we are dedicated to work
 with our customers and to provide them the products they want.
 Our manufacturing facility is a Romanian registered manufacturer of in vitro rapid diagnostic tests.
 This facility has been inspected and found compliant to SR EN ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management Standard.
 Our "See Now"& "Trust Me" rapid tests (trade mark) are produced here, to support our distribution network supplying hospitals, clinical laboratories, consumer outlets, physicians' offices, and others worldwide.
 We support both OEM / ODM (private label customers) all around the world. We want to be your supplier of choice and our ability to offer custom labeling, and packaging has been a key factor in our fast growth


 Terms & Conditions

- minimum ordered quantity (in terms of the purchase order amount) is 5.000 Euro;
- pre-payment  of purchase orders by electronic wire transfer (T/T) is required;
- for large orders the prices may be subject  to negotiation;
- delivery time: 3-4 weeks after receiving of the payment confirmation;
- the prices do not include the transport cost ; are EXW Bucharest (EX WORKS) prices;



Call: CampMedicaGroup - phone +4 021 4505890
between the hours of 9.00 A.M. and 17:00 P.M. (GMT + 2)
Orders placed by phone require confirmation by fax or mail.

Facsimile Transmission: fax +4 0372892487 at any time

Write: e-mail at
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